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Cloud Services with Cloudflare

cloudflare badge- site temporary Join our global network, built for scale. Integrated performance and security. Enterprise Protection DDoS Protection Included PCI Compliant Automatic WAF Updates Types: CDN, DDoS Protection, WAF, DNS, Load Balancing, Rate Limiting and much more from Cloudflare when you use Blue Planet Registrar Corporation as your web hosting provider.

Before the Cloud, if you wanted fast web response times around the world, you needed to have physical servers around the world. Blue Planet did just this with servers in Miami, Canada, Singapore and the Isle of Man.

Blue Planet Cloud This quickly becomes expensive and a real chore. Plus, it does not deal with DNS problems, as all the DNS services is still coming from one source. To solve that problem one had to pay extra for a special DNS service that provided fall over from one to another DNS if the primary one failed.

All of that expense and trouble is now a thing of the past. With Blue Planet Registrar Corp. hosting you upload your files to our Chicago server and they are distributed to the Cloud worldwide. Your sites are now on 38 different servers around the world and any one can serve your web pages, applications and other content to the world. With the use of Cloud services and the advanced DNS capabilities of Cloudflare, you are protected from DDOS attacks and many other threats.

Blue Planet used a smaller hosting provider in Canada called Vodahost which was the subject of denial of service attacks and just plain old server failures that often took a week to fix. Luckily we had only a few sites there, but it still was a major problem as when people see our site is down for days, a week, they probably will never return.

You can also get free extended DNS services from Google, Cloud9, OpenDNS, Safebrowsing and others for your personal web browsing. You don't have to use the DNS servers that your ISP provided. Try the others and see who is the fastest in your area and which one provides the best security features for your needs.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation.

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation
2011 Flagler Avenue, Suite 501
Key West, FL 33040

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Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza #306
Key West, FL 33040-4077
Office: 305-897-2593
Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206 is (c) copyright 2018 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation is a dba registered with the Florida Secretary of State.

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation is an authorized domain name registrar and reseller for TUCOWS (OpenSRS) and Domain Box.

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